The Middle East Peace Orchestra

Since 2003, the Middle East Peace Orchestra (MEPO) has inspired audiences everywhere with its engaging virtuoso performances and its philosophy on creating peace between people of different backgrounds and cultures. MEPO’s repertoire embraces everything from Jewish klezmer music and Arabian love songs to their own compositions and classical compositions.

The musicians are from the Middle East, Scandinavia, Europe and the USA. While they come from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, they have chosen to respect one another and come together through their music.

All the musicians in the orchestra are handpicked and amongst the best in the world on each their instrument. They have the will and desire to immerse themselves in one another’s musical culture and get to know one another’s music. The result being a melting pot of Middle Eastern music with a refreshing and different form of expression that bridges the gap between cultures and between cultures and individuals, coming together in an innovative and unique sound reverberating with a joint hope for peace.


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